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404 is a discord server with over 7000 members. We're a very active community, where a lot of people come every day to hang out with people they've met on here! We also have events pretty often, ranging from movie night, karaoke night, to icon contests!


  • Be respectful to everyone and listen to staff. Harassment/doxxing will not be tolerated
  • No spamming. Bot commands, copypastas, and light spam go in #trash
  • No begging staff for roles. To access our weeb/furry chats, use -iam Weeb Nation or ask for the role in #trash
  • No advertising your shit unless granted permission by server staff
  • No NSFW images or links
  • Selfbotting/using alt accounts is not allowed
  • No tagging server staff for useless shit. if you want to contact us, dm @DM 2 Contact Staff
  • Link shorteners will get you banned
  • No memes about violent tragedies
  • No hate speech/offensive shit